Weekly Lesson Plan Template

The weekly Lesson Plan Template assists both the teachers as well as their students in managing the topics and modules that need to cover within a week. Using this type of document, a student will stay on top of all the required material, for example, stationary, books, or mobile apps, that are also needed during the course of the lesson. Further, this tool is also helpful for communicating overall course objectives to a student upfront so that he/she can know what to expect.

Elements of Lesson Plan Template

Different lesson plan templates have other formats and core factors. But the main elements of any lesson plan are as below:

  • Lesson Objectives: In objectives, a student is able to do the end of the class.
  • Task and Activities: In this section, a teacher provide the lesson content to enable his/her students to meet the lesson tasks in the given time schedule.
  • Materials: A teacher provides books, stationary, or mobile apps so students can undertake tasks and activities.
  • References: Like sources of information that are referred to the students in helping to understand and complete the lessons.
  • Home Tasks: In this section, a teacher provides a plan to his/her students to do some practice at home which helps them to clarify the activities mentioned in the lesson.

Free Weekly Lesson Plan Template

With a smart layout and orange color combination, the template below will become a great choice for your own weekly lesson plans. Separate places are given for every period along with a time frame for a whole week. It renders a functional touch with its unique format and well-organized data elements. Meanwhile, it is prepared in a Microsoft Word document, so you can easily adjust the days, course, and time frames according to your own requirements.


Orange Lesson Plan Template

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