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We have a wide variety of Resume Templates available at our site for free. You can download them easily and customize them in your own way. Whenever you apply for a new job you need to prove your past experience of the job. So you need verified documents containing your personal, academic, and professional achievements. These documents are basically known as resumes that means to resume your work after an interruption. To begin your work again and find a new job requires a resume template.

A resume is a marketing document to advertise yourself containing your education, skills, training, and work experience. A resume template describes how you can organize your resume. It tells us that what we should include in our resume. A job applicant uses this resume template to show the details of his qualification and experience for a position.

Types of resume templates:

Resume templates are used for many purposes but the main use of them is to secure your employment. There are various types of resumes but the basic ones  are just eight that are described below:

  1. Chronological resume.
  2. Mini-resume template.
  3. Functional resume template.
  4. Non-traditional resume.
  5. Combination resume template.
  6. Targeted resume template.
  7. Infographic resume.
  8. Resume with profile etc.

Printablebits presents here wonderful with a collection of different professional resumes. Download and create your own resume quickly. You will see below the well-crafted chronological resume format.

Chronological Resume Templates

chronological resume 01


chronological resume 02



Creative Resume Templates


creative resume template 01


creative resume template 02

downloadcreative resume template 03


creative resume template 04


What is the difference between a C.V and a resume?

A resume is a document consisting of one to two pages while C.V consists of a long document. A resume is used for job purposes while C.V is used for academic purposes. A resume contains the details of job experience, skills, and qualifications. On the other hand, C.V contains the details of education, professional career, awards, and other achievements.

What should we include in a resume?

We have to include some important information in the resume so that we make it simple and easily readable. You must include the following information in your resume:

  • Contact information: First write your name, contact information including your phone number, address, and e-mail. Make sure your name is written with bold letters and prominent font size than your text. Make it clear so that it can be read easily.
  • Job title: To tell the manager for which job you applied, write your job title. Then you can also add the experience of your past jobs and their achievements. It will give a good impression of your resume.
  • Resume objective: Write your objective resume using a couple of sentences. Also, highlight it by putting a box around it to separate it from the rest of the text.
  • Experience of work: It is the most basic and important part of the resume that takes much attention. Add the date, title of the job, job position, and name of the company where you get the experience. You can also note down your job responsibilities and achievements in the past company.
  • Education or qualification: Write your qualification, name of institute, its location, and date when you graduated. You can also add other information related to your education required for the job.
  • Skills: Now simply list down your skills and abilities in the form of bullet points. Remember that your skills are just relevant to your job.
  • Additional information: You can also add some extra information including awards, certificates, licenses, and courses, etc. It will increase your resume attraction.


Functional Resume Templates

functional resume template 01


functional resume template 02


functional resume template 03



Infographic Resume Templates

Infographic Resume Template 01


Infographic Resume Template 02


Mini Resume Templates

mini resume template 01



mini resume template 02



mini resume template 03



Why does a resume have importance?

As we know a job is important to earn a living. In this highly competitive world, a lot of people need a job and do struggle to get a higher position. For a job, the most effective and best method to show your abilities is a resume. There are many reasons for which we use resumes that are the following:

  • A resume gives a professional and clear look to the information you need to give to get hired
  • A resume basically contains an objective view of your education and career.
  • It is an achievement-based document that describes your value to a company for both past and future companies.
  • A resume template gives the structure containing basic details which will help a lot to save your precious time.
  • Resume services need more money to pay so you have to use a resume template that is already prepared. This will prove as an inexpensive method and save your money.
  • This will give a great impression and show your potential as an applicant for job.

How to create a resume in Word?

You can use the following steps to make a resume template on MS Word.

  • Open MS Word.
  • Go to File and select New.
  • The readymade templates of MS Word are available there.
  • For more templates go to the Search bar and text
  • All resume templates of MS Word are displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the resume template you want and select resume template open in word.
  • Now you can easily edit its information according to your requirement.
  • Select the different font styles, sizes, and colors to make it professional.
  • You can make changes to your resume by using Word tools.
  • Then you can save it where you want and take a print of it.

Many peoples do not know how to make a professional resume and what information should we include in our resume? To resolve this problem we provide you with different resume templates available at our site. These resume templates are designed in such a way that they easily fulfill your requirements. These templates are specially prepared in MS Word, EXCEL, and in other formats that are easily editable. These resume templates are very simple and easily readable that making them a professional look. You can easily download it with a single click on the download button below.

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