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If you are trying to search best Fillable Rent Receipt so you are in right place. We present here well-drafted receipt templates in MS Word, Excel, and PDF. Receipts are very important if you are buying or selling goods.  It is mostly generated by the landlord of the rental property and gives to the tenant. It is used to keep the record of a rent payment that is paid by the renter to the proprietor. Creating these types of rent receipt template is a long process or difficult. So you can easily download readymade templates from our site.

Simple Rent Receipt

A receipt is a handwritten statement or official document that the landlord gives to the tenant as proof of payment paid by the tenant to the landlord. A landlord uses the rental receipt to keep track of the rent payments he received from the renter.

A rent receipt template is a payment slip that is given by the proprietor to the renter whenever the renter makes a rent payment. It will greatly help the proprietor and the renter to keep a record of rent payments. It seems like the sale receipt used for buying or selling goods that act as proof of transaction took place.

What can we write in a rent receipt template?

It is very important to make the rent receipt simple and include all basic information in it. Here we will describe some important points to include in your rental receipt template.

  • Add your contact information.
  • The name of the renter who paid the payment of rent.
  • The total amount paid by the renter.
  • Write the rented property location.
  • Note down the rental period covered by the payment.
  • Method of payment like through cash, check, transfer, etc.
  • The date of payment when the renter gives it to the proprietor.
  • Signature of landlord or manager.

You can also include any type of installments, late fees, and penalties that the renter has to pay. More information in your rent receipt template makes it easier and understandable.


Rent Receipt Template Word

Rent Receipt


Rent Receipt Template 02


Rent Receipt Template 03


Rent Receipt Template 04


Rent Receipt Template 05



Rent Receipt Template In Excel

Rent Receipt Template 06


Rent Receipt Template 07


Rent Receipt Template 08


Rent Receipt Template 09


Rent Receipt Template 10


Write tips to use the rent receipt template?

To make your receipt template best and effective there are some important tips given below:

  • Start your rent receipt with rent payment and specific requirements.
  • Then write the form of payment you receive and how you receive the rent payment frequently.
  • Must include the essential information relevant to rent payment. Devoid of using irrelevant information about other fields in your rent receipt.
  • You have to use the best format to make receipts like EXCEL or Word formats because these are easily editable.
  • Take a print of your template and make multiple copies of it so that you can easily provide the receipt to the tenant.

This receipt is as simple for use as you can easily proceed by signing it. Also, add your company logo and title that indicates that you are authorized to collect it.

Write the benefits of rent receipt templates?

Keeping the receipt is of great importance for both landlord and tenant. The rent receipt may use for car rent, house rent, and any property rent. It creates a balance in payment exchange between landlord and customer. Here we describe some benefits of the rent receipt template.

  • When the renter pays the payment in form of cash he has to receive the rent receipt. This receipt act as proof for payment verifying that it has been received by the landlord.
  • The rent receipt template acts as proof for payment and keeps your information well organized. It generally keeps the record of when and how the tenant paid their payment of rent.
  • Rent receipt greatly helps a landlord to maintain professionalism with their tenants. Its format is so simple that you can easily keep its record and track your payment.
  • Rent receipt templates are printable receipts that you can use to compose a single file. This file will help you to track your rent business whether the renter paid or not. If the tenant says that he already paid the rent and there is no receipt for proof then you can use your file record to resolve this problem.
  • It will save you from future conflicts and clashes. A more informative document of rent receipt clears the deal between landlord and tenant.

Here we will provide you with a number of different templates that are specially designed in MS Word, EXCEL, and in many other formats. These templates are very simple and easy to use having various font sizes, styles, and colors. These receipts are designed professionally and are easily editable. You just click on the download button given below each template to download the template. You can edit it according to your requirements and save it to use in soft form. You can also take print of it to use it in form of a hard copy and to give it to your client.






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