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If you are trying to search for any type of Payment Receipt Template so just scroll down. You will find here many receipts that are made in MS Word Excel Google Docs and PDF. In some businesses and like in many other big dealings, it is necessary to take a record of everything. Many dealers have a complete record of payments that may be given or received. So, a receipt is used in such types of dealings and act as proof of payment to avoid risk in the future. Here, we discuss what is receipt, why we use it, and other aspects related to it.

What is a Receipt?

A receipt is a legal and confirmative document that acts as a record of payment transactions between two parties. It is generally used in business when payment is done between dealers. It contains all the information about products, service, payer and payee details, reasons for payment, and many other details. It acts as proof of payment history to avoid bad consequences in the future. After going through this information, you come to know that what is receipt term means. We have several receipt templates on our site. First, you should know what a receipt template is, what is its purpose, different forms of receipt.

Simple Receipt Template

A receipt template is a written acknowledgment of a legal document that provides all the details of the transaction quickly. The details include the amount, which is paid, who receives the payment, cause of payment with proper dates, telephone number, email address, etc.

Types of receipts

Here, we have some important types of receipts, and we can also discuss all of them one by one.

  • Blank receipt
  • Donation receipt
  • Cash receipt
  • Hotel receipt
  • Rent receipt

Blank Receipt

Most businessmen use blank receipts in their dealings. It is mostly used when you want to add payment details according to your requirement. As we know that not all the businesses are same. Each business company requires a unique payment receipt to show its own company products and services. In this way, a blank receipt is a good option to add details of your choice.

The basic information which must be present in a blank receipt is:

  • All the relative information about the dealing parties
  • The amount which is paid
  • Purpose of payment
  • Payment is done about what and other relevant details

Donation Receipt

It is an attested document that acts as proof that a donor provides financial support to a certain organization. It is important to show the amount which is donated. Because a donor receives tax credit according to the donated amount.

The basic details of donation receipt are:

  • Name of the donor and complete address
  • Name of the organization and all other relevant information
  • Amount which is donated
  • Mention the date when the donation is received
  • Purpose of donation

Donation Receipt Templates

donation receipt template 01



donation receipt template 02



donation receipt template 03



Cash Receipt

It is a written statement that provides details about cash sale transactions. Cash is received from any external entity like an investor, customer, so it is necessary to have a cash transaction record in form of a cash receipt. Some businessmen like to receive payment exactly upon selling their products or services. It does not matter that your sale transaction is of which type but having a cash receipt is a record of transferring payment.

The basic components of cash receipt include:

  • Name of the customer or client
  • Must mention the name of your business and its complete address
  • Description about your products or goods that you want to sell
  • Date of your sale transaction
  • Fix the amount which is paid for certain items or goods


Hotel Receipt

It is a confirmative document that a hotel manager issues to guests.  A hotel receipt is basically a record that specifies how much a customer pays to enjoy hotel services. It specifies the payment which the hotel manager receives from the customer. It contains detailed information about the hotel services like room services, accommodation, mess charges, etc. Hotel receipt is issued when payment is done by the guest.

Some of the essential information which must be included in your hotel receipt includes:

  • Name of your hotel and its complete address
  • Name of customer, his or her address, and all other related information
  • Duration of a hotel stay
  • Must mention date regarding when receipt is issued
  • Name of the employee or agent who issues the receipt
  • Mention amount which is paid
  • List of products and services charged to the customer

Hotel Receipt Templates MS Word and Excel

Hotel Receipt Template 01



Hotel Receipt Template 002



Hotel Receipt Template 003


Rent Receipt

It is a legal document that is provided by the landlord to the tenant. This keeps a record of rent paid by the tenant for a specific time. It is an essential record to avoid disputes in the future. It is useful for tenants because they can use it as proof if there’s some issue regarding nonpayment is created in the future.

The basic information that should be included in the rent receipt is:

  • The name of the tenant, his or her email address, telephone number
  • Name of the landlord, phone number, and other related information
  • Proper rental address
  • The amount of rent which is to be paid
  • Mention payment methods like by credit card, by check and mention check number or in the form of cash
  • Must mention time duration of rent like for a month, year, etc.
  • Signature of landlord

If You want to download more Printable Receipts in MS Word and Excel so click to download them. We have shared our best Rent Receipts Templates over there.


Rent Receipt Templates

Rent Receipt Template 03


Rent Receipt Template 01



taxi rent receipt 01



taxi rent receipt 02



How to create a free payment receipt template in MS Word?

It is easy to design a receipt template in MS Word rather than using other processing software. Editing the existing receipt and making alterations is easier than creating a new one. We share some easy steps with you that guide you on how to edit the existing receipt template. If you want to make a perfect receipt template, you should follow all the following steps.

  • Open the MS Word.
  • Click on the File button at the left corner and then select the New option
  • After selecting the new button, a search bar appears on the screen.
  • Here, you can enter receipt templates. All the varieties of receipt templates including cash receipt, deposit receipt, taxi receipt, and many more will appear on the screen.
  • You can select the receipt of your choice according to your requirement.
  • Double click on the receipt template of your choice to select
  • The receipt template, which is selected, appears on your home screen of MS Word.
  • When the receipt template appears on the word home screen, you can make changes to it. You can personalize it with basic details of your business-like sales, hotel, taxi, etc.
  • For adding information, you can click on the spot and add text.
  • If you want to add a company logo, you can simply click insert Search for the image and browse your company logo. Then select it and click insert. Available image format may be in PNG, JPEG, BMP, etc.
  • You can add different shapes and lines to it and can remove unnecessary items if required.
  • You can add your receipt details, payment date, payer and payee details, address, etc.
  • For changing your font style, color, use dotted lines, you should click the format button.
  • After making all changes, you should take a review and then save

All these steps help you to design a receipt template of your choice. You can simply select the receipt and make changes to it. If you want to save time, you can simply download free receipt templates from our site. We have several receipt templates that are well customized in MS Word, Excel, as well as in PDF format, etc. You can go through our site and simply download receipt templates from our site. You can edit and make changes to these templates as you require.

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