Printable Sales Order Form

A printable sales order form is a tool in which sellers record the information related to the sale of products, goods, or services. This is a type of agreement between a vendor and a buyer to sell company products. It contains some major components such as the name of the seller, the name of the buyer, the supply scope, etc. Further, it also includes other necessary information like the total amount involved, date of order, product/service warranty, default clause, payment terms, product description, packing, quantity, shipping address, and more. Creating a perfect sales order form will take time, but here in this post, we will share with you our template which can be then printed after putting the necessary details.

Sales Order Form Vs. Purchase Order Form

  • A sales order form is used to confirm payment transactions, whereas a purchase order form can be used to order products.
  • Sales order forms are usually produced by the product seller, while a purchase order form is prepared by the customer and sent to the seller.
  • A sales order form confirms the sales but a purchase order form is a contract between a seller and a buyer.

Free Printable Sales Order Form Template

This printable sales order template can be a good choice for sellers who like to keep an organized record of their sales. It comes in a very decent layout providing blanks at the top for putting customer details, billing address, and shipping address. In the tabular columns, the seller can enter the item name, quantity, description, unit price, and total amount. This template also offers a blank section at the bottom for inserting credit card details. However, with full editing features in MS Word format, you can adjust the components as per your own needs.


telephone sales order form by Credit Card

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