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The best marketing tool is one sheet template that acts as a document for sales, publicity, and marketing purposes. One sheet template has branched out from show business to almost every industry for publicity and distribution process. If you are working in the entertainment industry, then there is a need for marketing tools to expose and convey your music band or artist image. The one-sheet template acts as a calling card that brings your work to the front of media lines. It is the best way to excite and attract the audience to the entertainment industry, but no one is obligated to act on it.

How can we define one sheet?

The one-sheet is a document consisting of one page that contains the overview and representation of your entertainment programs. These entertainment programs include band or music, T.V or movies, films or photoshoots and artist images or albums, etc. The one-sheet template commonly contains:

  • Biography of the artist and its photos for publicity.
  • Artist album and information about its release.
  • Highlight titles of the album.
  • Related artist.
  • Contact information and record of artist.

What are the elements of the one-sheet template?

One sheet template is also called a press sheet or promo sheet. You can use it for the promotion of your idea in the film industry to stand out for a competition. Here we discuss some points that you should include in one sheet template of the film.

  • Write the Title of your program.
  • Then write your name and contact details.
  • Write the logline and fill a brief section.
  • Note down a summary of the story.
  • At last, write the reason for success in a sentence.

If you are dealing with the music industry, then you should use this template to give a deep impression of yourself, your music band, and your album. The following can be used in one sheet template of music.

  • Write your name and the name of your band.
  • Place your brand logo.
  • Then write your album name.
  • Place the label, types, and price.
  • Write Catalog number.
  • Note down the releasing date of the album.
  • Add booking, management, and other contact details.

You can also add other background details about your band and work on the one-sheet template that includes:

  • The attainments of your band in past.
  • Note down a short biography.
  • Details about your recordings of albums.
  • List of songs and styles of music.
  • Dates when your upcoming shows are held.
  • Press and reporting etc.

This one-sheet template can also be used to promote your personal abilities as an artist. It is a short outline of your business and has a small space to write so it is easy to read in a shorter time.


Marketing One Sheet Template


One sheet template 01


One sheet template 02


One sheet template 03


One sheet template 04


One sheet template 05


One sheet template 06


One sheet template 07


One sheet template 08


One sheet template 09


One sheet template 10


One sheet template 11


One sheet template 12


One sheet template 13


One sheet template 14


One sheet template 15


What kinds of mistakes you should be avoided?

Here we describe some common mistakes that people make while filling one sheet template. These mistakes need to be avoided as they make a bad impression

  • Use of free space:

Don’t use the remaining space of the page as it creates difficulties for the reader to see too many graphics, bullets, and text. By making free space, it would increase the attraction and attention of the audience.

  • Use of excessive text:

Don’t add too much text in your one-sheet template that creates uneasiness for a reader to read. To convey your message and increase the attention of the audience, compress your sentences in form of points in a single sheet so that reader feels easy and comfortable.

  • Use of common business images:

Don’t use the graphics or images that you already used somewhere else like the photos of hourglasses, handshake, etc. You need to use some unique pictures to increase the interest of your customer.

How to create one sheet template in MS Word?

To make a professional template on MS Word is a very difficult and long process that takes much time and thinking. That is why our site provides you with already prepared templates with various designs and in different formats. This will make your work easier and fast. Here we describe the steps to make one sheet template on MS Word.

  • Click on the File tab.
  • Select New.
  • Among available templates, click on New templates from existing templates.
  • Choose the template that you want to create.
  • Then click on Create new.
  • Edit it and add information, graphics, logos, and images you need.
  • Use these fonts, colors, and backgrounds for an attractive look.
  • Then take a review and then save it and print it.

Instead of this long process, you can use prepared templates that are available on our site. These templates are created in MS Word, Excel, PDF, and many other formats with several designs, fonts, colors, and backgrounds. You can easily download it by clicking the Download button and editing it according to your requirement.

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