MS Word Lesson Plan Template

Lesson plan templates as defined as study schedule that a teacher or instructor prepare a course of study for his/her class. These schedules help teachers to stay updated on the course to cover within the given time frame. Using a proper lesson plan, an instructor/teacher can better organize the course of study. If you are a teacher in a school and looking for a well-organized lesson plan, then here in this post, we have a better option for you with our latest-created MS Word Lesson Plan Template.

Our template will serve as a guide on how you can easily prepare a lesson plan and manage the course in a better manner for your class. Whether you are planning a lesson plan for a primary school, secondary school, or for high school, our template will assist you in a better way. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the lesson plan template here.

Free MS Word Lesson Plan Template

This lesson plan template will be a perfect option for those looking for an MS Word lesson plan template for their class. It provides in-depth course-planning sections along with columns for periods, time start, time end, and an allocated time. More at the bottom-right, the template enables you to add home tasks for your students. You can also put the school details and checks for video conferencing at the top. Since this lesson plan is designed in MS Word format, it provides full editing features so that users can make adjustments to each element according to their needs. Again! what are you waiting for? Grab it now as a freebie.


School Lesson Plan Template for COVID Situation

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