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We are presented here professionally designed professional Medical Invoice Templates that are very convenient for you to make easily your Invoice. Invoices are highly used today for billing and taking receipts. These are used in several different fields to organize it well and make it efficient. These invoices are also used at medical clinics, hospitals, and healthcare organizations to keep the records. The patient may need to know about his medication details, treatment, and the cost of it.

So we can simply provide a medical invoice containing all details the patient needs. The patient can easily check out the medical facilities and their services and can also claim on bad services using it.

A medical invoice is very useful for a hospital administrator as it helps to keep the record of patient billing, payment record, and treatment cost, etc.

What is a Medical Invoice?

The medical invoice template is a document containing the list of medical goods, services, treatment details, and its cost which is provided by the organization to the patient. These templates are used as a patient bill which is paid by the patient before his/her discharge from the hospital.

Simply it is a reference certificate that saves the details of medicines, treatment done on a patient, and cost of each service.

What are the types of medical invoice templates?

There are many types of medical invoice templates based on different departments of the hospital or medical organizations. The most basic types which are excessively used nowadays are described in the following:

  • Ambulance service invoice template.
  • Dental invoice template.
  • Physician invoice template.
  • Hospital bill invoice template.
  • Medical insurance invoice template.
  • Nurse invoice template.
  • Pharmacy invoice template.
  • Psychiatrist invoice template.
  • Psychologist invoice template.
  • Therapist invoice template.
  • Caregiver invoice template.


Free Medical Invoice Templates

free medical invoice templates




medical invoice template 02




medical invoice template 03




medical invoice template 04


How to write a medical invoice template?

Any invoice firstly contains all identifying information about the provider and client. You can use the following details to add to your medical invoice template:

  • Write name, address, and contact information about your medical organization or hospital at the top of the template.
  • Then note down the name, address, and contact details of the patient.
  • Now add the services, medication, treatment, and charges of each.
  • Write the date of treatment and the date of discharge after that.
  • At last, the template ends with the signature of the doctor and stamp of the hospital.



medical invoice template 05




medical invoice template 06




medical invoice template 07


How do we use a medical invoice template?

There are many uses of invoices, especially medical invoices. These medical invoices are generally used at different departments of hospitals. You can use the medical invoices available on our site and download them on any electronic device. You can also edit it as you want and take a print of it.

  • It clearly exposes all the payment details before initiating any treatment.
  • The patient already comes to know about the specific procedures the person is going through.
  • It contains the details of the cost of each service to make the patient be aware of expenses.
  • It is used to calculate the charges of medicines, services, and treatments.
  • It is used to keep the record of patient treatment and medication.
  • It is basically called medical billing containing the bill payment date.
  • It saves the time of billing and the doctor can easily give this time to his patient cure.



medical invoice template 08




medical invoice template 09




medical invoice template 10




Write steps to form a medical invoice template?

Excel is a better way to create an invoice but now we can also use MS Word to form an invoice. The following steps describe the procedure to make a medical invoice template on MS Word.

  • Open MS Word and select
  • Then go to the search bar and text the invoice template.
  • All available invoices are then open on this page. You have to choose the capable invoice template you want.
  • The selected invoice is open and now you can easily edit it according to your requirements.
  • Now add details like hospital name, address, contact details with a single click on the template.
  • Insert your hospital logo at top of the page.
  • Note down all details of the patient and charges.
  • At the end keep space free for signature of the doctor and hospital stamp.
  • Use professional font size with simple black color so that it can be easily readable and understandable.
  • Now you can save your document and take print of it whenever you want.

Besides following this long procedure of creating medical invoices you can use the templates available at our site. These ready-made medical templates are specially designed in MS Word, EXCEL, PDF, and in other formats. These templates are prepared with various font sizes, styles, and colors with professional backgrounds. There are many kinds of medical invoice templates that are provided at our site. You can easily download it with a simple click on the download button given below each template. These templates are easily editable and printable.





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