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A donation receipt is a legal document that provides proof that a donation or gift has been done. It may be in the form of an email, card, or letter provided to the supporter. Donation receipts let the donors know that donation is received.

Why donation receipt is important for donors?

Here, are some essential points that help you to know the importance of donation receipts for donors.

  • Authentication of donation

Donation receipt makes the donors confirm the approval of donation payment. It acts as proof that contribution has been received by other organizations.

  • Reducing the amount of taxes

Usually, donors require written acknowledged documents if they want to claim charitable contributions on tax refunds.

  • Record of finances

Donation receipts are official documentation proving that keep record of donor’s finances. Like donation is provided in form of cash, credit card or debit card, etc. So, it includes the record of your bank balance or any other letter received from a qualified charity.

Why donation receipt is important for non-profits?

A donation receipt is as important for non-profits as it is important for donors. Here, are some points that describe why donation receipt matters for non-profits.

  • Records the donation history

Donation receipts help organizations to keep a record of contribution history. A donation record is more essential in the case of management of finances and the accounting process.

  • Legislative requirement

In specific circumstances, IRS requires a receipt for the donation. If sending of the receipt is failed, then a penalty will be awarded per donation.

  • Financial accounting

With the help of donation receipts, it is easier for organizations to keep records of finances.


Donation Receipt Templates Word 

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What are the different types of donation receipts?

Here, we discuss some of the different types of donation receipts. You need to go through each type and understand each aspect.

  1. In-kind receipt
  2. Stock gift receipt
  3. Charitable receipt
  4. Cash receipt
  5. Silent  receipt

1:In-kind receipt

In-kind donation receipts include the donation of in-kind gifts. In-kind gifts are contributions in the form of goods or services rather than cash grants. Gifts of goods are tax-deductible while gifts of services are not tax-deductible. The finances of goods must be evaluated by the donor and not by the nonprofit. In-kind donations include some basic information as follows:

  • Name of donor and address
  • Date when the gift was received
  • Complete details about the gift, etc.

2:Stock gift  receipt

Stock gift receipts include an entire description of the gift of a stock share of a certain association. It is a valuable tool to provide a follow-up letter that records the number of shares on the date of the gift. A stock gift donation receipt should include some basic information as follows:

  • Name of the association
  • Number of shares
  • Description About stock shares
  • It is not essential to place finances on shares

3:Charitable receipt

A charitable receipt may be in form of an email message, letter, or receipt form that informs the donor about the received payment. This legal receipt should include some of the basic information:

  • Name of gift donor
  • Name of the association
  • Details about the type of gift
  • Amount of gift

4:Cash receipt

A cash donation receipt is a written acknowledged document of gift in the form of cash. It plays an important role to prove the validity of transactions to the government. It should include:

  • Name of the organization or charity
  • Name of donor
  • Mention amount which is contributed
  • Date when the contribution was received

5:Silent receipt

First, you should understand the term silent auction. A silent auction is such an event in which items are displayed for the attendees to place bids on and purchase. A silent auction receipt is provided to event attendees when they leave the event with objects and components they purchased. It is a written acknowledged and official document that contains some essential information:

  • Name of the corporation
  • Date when the event takes place
  • Details about the values of items that are purchased by attendees of the event.


donation receipt template 08



donation receipt template 09



donation receipt template 10



What should be included in the donation receipt generally?

We discuss here, some of the essential points that must be included in non-profit donation receipts.

  • Name of the organization to which donation is made
  • Name of the donor
  • Amount of cash which is contributed
  • Must mention the date when a donation is received
  • Description of non-cash payment if required
  • A statement that no services or goods were supplied by company or organization if applicable
  • A statement that the organization supplies services or goods to the donor in return for a donation. (if any)

All these steps help you to know what should be included in your charitable receipt. If you want to create your own receipt you must go through some above steps that help you to customize the format of the receipt. If you want to save time, you can go through our site. We have several printable donation receipts templates that are well customized in MS Word, Excel, as well as in PDF format, etc. You can simply download the editable charitable receipt templates from our site. You can even easily customize these templates and make changes to them if you require.
























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