Credit Application Form

A credit application form is a type of legal document created by a person or company and used to get approval for credit from another company or individual.  This document usually contains crucial information as per requirements of the federal financial regulations’ authority used by the company owners to decide whether the person or company is viable for credit extension or not. After signing by both parties, this document becomes a legally binding contract between them that may warrant legal action if the requirement is not properly filled out as per the credit agreement mentioned in the form.

On the other hand, credit forms are used by companies for investigating the credit of their customers. It will then become the easiest way for the company to provide permission with the trade reference. However, the main objective of this credit application form is to create credit terms between the company and its customers.

Free Credit Application Form Template

Check out this useful sample of the Credit Application Form that is available free to use. We create this credit application form using Microsoft Word document to quickly put the details. The layout of this form is easy to understand and provides simple tables where you can add company details, bank references, trade references, credit card history, and payment terms in the end. We hope that you will like the handy credit application form and it can be downloaded with a simple click on the download button provided below the preview image.


credit application form

To easily grab the template, click on the download button below.