Cost Benefit Analysis Template

In business operations, analyzing the costs and benefits relevant to any action or decision taken is crucial. It helps you overview the scenario with evidence instead of making a decision specifically based on opinions. Moreover, conducting this analysis provides comprehensive information about the costs associated with initiating a new project and the benefits over the period. Therefore, we have crafted this professional and easy-to-use cost-benefit analysis template that will help managers and other stakeholders make wise decisions.

Cost Benefit Analysis Template


This particular template is designed in Microsoft Excel format with a pre-designed structure. It is indeed a time-saving tool and prevents you from spending a lot of time creating a cost-benefit analysis sheet from scratch. As you can see in the above image, this Excel sheet incorporates two major tables, as one is assigned for cost and the other one is for benefits. You can separately manage the cost associated with the project and benefits. Importantly, this sheet comprises integrated formulas, and you don’t need to calculate the total cost and savings manually. So it is the complete package and grab it now.

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