Free Blank Invoice Templates

When a person buys or sells a thing, it is necessary to keep the record of things as a document for seller and buyer. This official document is called an invoice which usually contains the list of goods and prices which is organized by the seller to give to the buyer.  An invoice contains the expected goods that buyer wants to buy, and it gives to the buyer before purchasing goods. So, then the buyer comes to know that the seller has fulfilled the requirements according to their agreement. It prevents them from future disputes and problems and acts as evidence that contains all details about goods, prices, agreement and payment terms, etc.

Printable Blank Invoice 

A printable blank invoice template is a document that includes the services provided to the customer, costs, details of goods, and payment information that is generated by a seller or company and given to the customer. It also includes company name, company address, customer details, price, extra charges, and selling information about the product. It is used by the company, businesses, or others to bill their customers so that their customers can also use it in the form of a receipt.

Types of Printable Invoices 

Here we describe some different types of Free Printable Blank Invoice Templates.

  • Consultant invoice template: These templates are used by consultants to describe their professional services to the individual and business.
  • Labor list template: It contains the amount of payment that is calculated by the rate per hour multiplied by an hour of work. This template is given by the factory or company to its labor.
  • Mechanic invoice template: It includes services given in regard to repairing vehicles and their cost of parts.
  • Freelance invoice template: Companies need this template to hold a contract between the company and freelancer. It prevents them from future clashes.
  • Designing invoice template: It is used by a designer to provide services to the business, individual and may be used by a firm to give freelance services.
  • Hotel invoice template: This template includes the hotel per night costs, food services, room services, and any other purchases. It is created by the hotel and provided to the customers.
  • Legal invoice template: It provides clients with services related to law work and details of payment they need to pay.
  • Medical invoice template: The physicians, doctors, and hospitals used this template to describe the medical and healthcare services.


Blank Invoice Templates Word Free Download


Blank invoice template 01


Blank invoice template 02



Blank invoice template 03



Blank invoice template 04


Blank invoice template 05



Blank invoice template 06


Blank invoice template 07


Blank invoice template 08



Blank invoice template 09



Blank invoice template 10


How to create a printable invoice template in MS Word?

MS Word can be used to create invoice templates, but this process is so long and difficult that is why its easiest way is to use the existing templates in word. You just have to select the required template and download it. You can also edit and transform it according to your requirements by using MS Word. Here are the following steps to generate a printable invoice template.

  • Open MS Word and select File.
  • Then click on New.
  • Then go to the search field and enter the invoice templates.
  • MS Word then gives you all available invoice templates.
  • Select the invoice template that you want to choose.
  • Then double click to open the desired template.
  • Edit the invoice template and note down your business details.
  • If you want to add text, just click on the spot you need and start typing.
  • You can also add your business logo by clicking on insert and choosing a picture and then browsing it for the logo.
  • If you don’t have a logo then insert a picture by using clip art.
  • Leave some space free for additional information.
  • Delete the dummy text and add date, customer name, goods, and payments.
  • You can also use shapes, colors, and fonts where you want.
  • If you want some changes then click on the line shape and click on the format tab and use the tools available on the tab.
  • Write the review and then save it.


Free Invoice Templates (Word, Excel, PDF)

Blank invoice template 11


Editable Medical Invoice Template

This professionally designed medical invoice template is very easy to use and editable. You can also add all information on medical billing in a comprehensive way. We have also more our best collection of Free Editable Medical bill Format in Word which is well-drafted. By using them, you can make medical billing information easily with the whole description.


Blank invoice template 12


Blank invoice template 13


Blank invoice template 14


Blank invoice template 15


Blank invoice template 16


Blank invoice template 17


Blank invoice template 18


Blank invoice template 19


Blank invoice template 20


What should we include in a Printable Invoice Template?

  • Contact information:

Write the name of your business or company at the top of the page if you have not it then only write your legal name. After that note down your company address instead of means of payment as it is better to include your address for customer facility. Then add your phone number or company number for the purpose of communication so that your customer keeps in contact with you. At last, you can add your email address or business account for payment purposes.

  • Additional information:

Use the numbering system to assign a specific number to each invoice template and write down it above the contact information. Use letters to make an abbreviation for the introduction of the client and this abbreviation is written above the invoice number. Then mark the numerical date by following the year, month, and day in the form of the format year-month-day and place it after the invoice number. Note down the period of billing in the numerical date section and also put the due date there. Write the terms of the agreement that are agreed by both seller and buyer which is mostly 30 days after the due date.

  • Client information:

Put the client information below contact information in the upper left corner. Write the client name, his address or company address, his phone number or company contact number, and the email address of the client or company to which you give your services and goods. Also, write the payment of buying goods and details of billing of clients.

  • Services section:

Write the services provided by your company and list them with proper numbering. If these services are given by specific projects then write these services with their respective project name. Note down the period of date for each service including its payment information. Put the total amount of money for all services, the amount to be paid by the client, and money earned after completing the service. The amount paid is written in bold words to make it prominent.

What are the benefits of using a Printable Invoice Template?

Pintable blank invoice templates make your work easier and fast by using already prepared invoices that you just have to download and fill in. It greatly compresses your time and makes it stress-free so that you can manage a lot of work in a shorter time. Simply it saves your valuable time and provides a goal to clients to quickly submit their payments. It is easy to use as you just have to fill the requirements of a printable invoice template.

You can create a printable blank invoice template on your own but this process is lengthy and difficult.  For preventing the time-consuming task we provide you with various types of printable invoice templates designed in different formats like in MS Word, EXCEL, Google docs, PDF, etc. These are specially designed for professional uses and others by using different fonts and colors. They are very easy to use as you just have to click on the download button n to download them. After you can also edit it


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