Basic Employee Complaint Form

A basic employee complaint form is a type of tool that an employee of the company can use to submit to his/her company owner. Every organization faces its own problems and complaints. This is about how the working environment of the company is great and peaceful. Employee complaints have not just happened in large organizations but small sectors also face these issues if they have limited resources for their employees.

It is very crucial for any organization to have a proper mechanism for their employees where they can submit any complaint against other fellow workers, the office environment, their juniors, and also their seniors. Below are some common circumstances an employee can file a complaint against them:

  • Intolerance and harassment
  • Minimum pay or miscalculations
  • Wrongful fire from the employment
  • Unsafe or bad working environment
  • refusal to provide medical leave
  • Poor behavior of the seniors

Free Basic Employee Complaint Form Template

Try out this basic employee complaint form template we offer you for free to use. This form is basically drafted in MS Word format and provides you with a complete layout of an official complaint form. Using this template, you can easily put the details including complaint information, incident details, witness details, concerned individual details, additional explanation, and signatures. Meanwhile, the form is created in a Word document, so it enables you to further modifications according to your own requirements. So feel free to download or grab this basic employee complaint form.


Basic Employee Complaint Form

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